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CMSIS-DAP - add STM32 port with HID bootloader

SimpliciTi - CC110L from Anaren with MapleRET6 and STM32VLDISCOVERY. Access Point and End Device

Access Point - End Device

Microchip TCPIP - WiFi module MRF24WB0M with Maple RET6 HTTP server example (need 46Kb flash for code and web pages)

Microchip TCP/IP stack port on STM32

   SerialTFT NST-28037B
   later - MiWi
           - use Offline alm/eph for SirfIV
           - use Offline alm/eph for ST8088
           - use Offline alm/eph for Transystem GPS (now i not use this modules)
           - firmware for vehicle tracker, based on STM32

How to download
There is no final release and probably will never be one. It's all based on sourcecode. I can't make it more open source than this way ;) To download the latest release, follow these two simple steps:
1. Browse through the latest build using this direct link:
2. Click on the download

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